Commit 3062a78a authored by Jakub Klinkovský's avatar Jakub Klinkovský Committed by Lukas Fleischer
Browse files optimize iteration for big numbers of pkgs

Signed-off-by: Lukas Fleischer's avatarLukas Fleischer <>
parent 51a35358
......@@ -259,20 +259,23 @@ for p in list(track_votes.keys()):
# Create package dependencies and sources
log.debug("Creating statements for package depends/sources.")
for p in list(seen_pkgs.keys()):
# the keys of seen_pkgs are accessed many times by random.choice,
# so the list has to be created outside the loops to keep it efficient
seen_pkgs_keys = list(seen_pkgs.keys())
for p in seen_pkgs_keys:
num_deps = random.randrange(PKG_DEPS[0], PKG_DEPS[1])
for i in range(0, num_deps):
dep = random.choice([k for k in seen_pkgs])
dep = random.choice(seen_pkgs_keys)
deptype = random.randrange(1, 5)
if deptype == 4:
dep += ": for " + random.choice([k for k in seen_pkgs])
dep += ": for " + random.choice(seen_pkgs_keys)
s = "INSERT INTO PackageDepends(PackageID, DepTypeID, DepName) VALUES (%d, %d, '%s');\n"
s = s % (seen_pkgs[p], deptype, dep)
num_rels = random.randrange(PKG_RELS[0], PKG_RELS[1])
for i in range(0, num_deps):
rel = random.choice([k for k in seen_pkgs])
rel = random.choice(seen_pkgs_keys)
reltype = random.randrange(1, 4)
s = "INSERT INTO PackageRelations(PackageID, RelTypeID, RelName) VALUES (%d, %d, '%s');\n"
s = s % (seen_pkgs[p], reltype, rel)
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