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- [ ] I have described the bug in complete detail in the
[Description](#description) section.
- [ ] I have specified steps in the [Reproduction](#reproduction) section.
- [ ] I have included any logs related to the bug in the
[Logs](#logs) section.
- [ ] I have included the versions which are affected in the
[Version(s)](#versions) section.
### Description
Describe the bug in full detail.
### Reproduction
Describe a specific set of actions that can be used to reproduce
this bug.
### Logs
If you have any logs relevent to the bug, include them here in
quoted or code blocks.
### Version(s)
In this section, please include a list of versions you have found
to be affected by this program. This can either come in the form
of `major.minor.patch` (if it affects a release tarball), or a
commit hash if the bug does not directly affect a release version.
All development is done without modifying version displays in
aurweb's HTML render output. If you're testing locally, use the
commit on which you are experiencing the bug. If you have found
a bug which exists on live, include the version
located at the bottom of the webpage.
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