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Release v6.1.0 - Features & Bugfixes

- 8598ea6f: (gitlab-ci) update coverage reporting in CI
- 98f55879: (docker) don't run redis with protected mode
- 4a58e134: (docker) fix typo scheme -> schema
- 0b03a687: (docker) document runtime deps
- 034e47bc: hide Unflag package from non-maintainers
- 28970ccc: align text on left
- a509e404: (python) use standard dict/list type annotation
- 1d633536: strip whitespace when parsing package keywords
- 0e82916b: (python) don't show maintainer link for non logged in users
- 913ce8a4: (performance) lazily load expensive modules within aurweb.db
- 952c2478: (docker) apply chown each time sshd is started
- d63615a9: (docker) fix ca entrypoint logic and healthcheck
- 9497f6e6: (aurweb) resolve exception in ratelimit
- 801df832: (rpc) correct URLPath in package results
- 7b047578: correct kwarg name for approved users of creds.has_credential
- 7a52da55: guard POST keywords & allow co-maintainers to see keyword form
- 15d016eb: secure access to comment edits to user who owns the comment
- 33bf5df2: show unflag link to flagger
- f1073296: Use SameSite=Lax on cookies
- 8e43932a: (doc) re-add Max-Age to list of secure cookie attributes
- fd4aaed2: use max-age for all cookie expirations

- ade624c2: (README) update contributing guidelines
- ce5dbf0e: (contributing) Update Coding Style

- 2c080b2e: add pagination on comments
- 1a7f6e1f: (db) add an index for SSHPubKeys.PubKey
- 6c7e2749: (db) add an index for SSHPubKeys.PubKey (#2)
- fb1fb2ef: documentation for web authentication (login, verification)
- ab2956ee: add pytest unit of independent user unflagging
- 08d48520: allow co-maintainers to disown their pkg

miscellaneous tasks:
- edef6cc6: (css) drop old vendor prefixes
- 505eb904: Add .git-blame-ignore-revs file

- 9c6c13b7: Run pre-commit
- 57c04099: set flake8's max-line-length=88

- de5538a4: (lint) Use pre-commit
- fbb3e052: use cache/virtualenv for test dependencies
- 929bb756: (lint) add .pre-commit cache for pre-commit

- 9648628a: requests dependency
- a82d552e: migrate new transifex client configuration
- 4565aa38: Swedish translations