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Add an RFC template

Add a basic RFC template that provides a structure with Summary,
Motivation, Specification, Drawbacks and Unresolved Questions.
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- Date proposed: yyyy-mm-dd
**update this number after RFC merge request has been filed**
Short description, 1-2 sentences.
Introduce the topic. If this is a not-well-known section of Arch Linux, a
detailed explanation of the background is recommended.
Some example points of discussion:
- What specific problems are you facing right now that you're trying to address?
- Are there any previous discussions? Link to them and summarize them (don't
force your readers to read them though!).
- Is there any precedent set by other software? If so, link to resources.
A concrete, thorough explanation of what is being planned.
Carefully consider every possible objection and issue with your proposal. This
section should be updated as feedback comes in from discussion.
Unresolved Questions
Are there any portions of your proposal which need to be discussed with the
community before the RFC can proceed? Be careful here -- an RFC with a lot of
remaining questions is likely to be stalled. If your RFC is mostly unresolved
questions and not too much substance, it may not be ready.
Alternatives Considered
A list of alternatives, that have been considered and offer equal or similar
features to the proposed change.
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