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# arch-boxes
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# arch-boxes
Arch-boxes provides automated builds of the Arch Linux releases for
different providers and post-processors. Check the providers or post-processor sections if you want to know
which are currently supported.
## Dependencies
You'll need the following dependencies:
* packer (for basic usage)
* vagrant (for vagrant images)
* qemu (for libvirt provider support)
* virtualbox (for virtualbox support)
## How to start the build process
On Arch Linux:
`packer-io build vagrant.json`
On any other System:
`packer build vagrant.json`
**Note:** this is because of the name conflict with the AUR-Helpertool
`packer` on Arch linux.
## providers
* virtualbox-iso
* qemu/libvirt
## post-processors
* vagrant
## Troubleshooting
### Parallel build fails
If the parallel build fails this is mostly because the KVM device is
already occupied by a different provider. You can use the build option
`parallel=false` for building the images in a queue instead of parallel.
But don't be surprised that that the build process will take longer. Any
other option is to disable KVM support for all other providers except
Start `packer` with `-parallel=false`:
On Arch Linux:
`packer-io build -parallel=false vagrant.json`
On any other system:
`packer build -parallel=false vagrant.json`
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