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......@@ -16,6 +16,18 @@ If you want to run Arch Linux in the cloud, you can use our cloud-image, which i
The default user is `arch`.
If you are running the cloud-image with QEMU, it can in some cases\* be beneficial to run the [QEMU guest-agent]( This can be done with the following user-data:
- qemu-guest-agent
- [ systemctl, daemon-reload ]
- [ systemctl, enable, qemu-ga ]
- [ systemctl, start, qemu-ga ]
*\*ex: when using [Proxmox]( or [oVirt]( Please be aware, that the agent basically gives the host root access to the guest.*
Be advised, however, that our automatic builds are cleaned up after a few days so you can't hard-code a specific image version anywhere.
You can use this snippet to always get the most recent image and check its integrity (you need to install `hq` for this):
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