Commit 80e06e5f authored by Lukas Fleischer's avatar Lukas Fleischer
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git-update: Remove superfluous assignment

The pkgbase variable already contains the package base name at this
point, no need to reassign it.

Signed-off-by: Lukas Fleischer's avatarLukas Fleischer <>
parent 4bc6c55d
......@@ -286,7 +286,6 @@ srcinfo_pkgbase = srcinfo._pkgbase['pkgname']
if srcinfo_pkgbase != pkgbase:
die('invalid pkgbase: {:s}, expected {:s}'.format(srcinfo_pkgbase, pkgbase))
pkgbase = srcinfo._pkgbase['pkgname']
cur.execute("SELECT ID FROM PackageBases WHERE Name = %s", [pkgbase])
pkgbase_id = cur.fetchone()[0]
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