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# Aurweb and Docker
The `INSTALL` document details a manual Aurweb setup, but Docker images are also
provided here to avoid the complications of database configuration (and so
### Setup
Naturally, both `docker` and `docker-compose` must be installed, and your Docker
service must be started:
systemctl start docker.service
The main image - `aurweb` - must be built manually:
docker compose build
### Starting and Stopping the Services
With the above steps complete, you can bring up an initial cluster:
docker compose up
Subsequent runs will be done with `start` instead of `up`. The cluster can be
stopped with `docker compose stop`.
### Testing
With a running cluster, execute the following in a new terminal:
docker compose run test
### Generating Dummy Data
Before you can make meaningful queries to the cluster, it needs some data.
Luckily such data can be generated. First, `docker ps` to discover the ID of the
container running the FastAPI. Then:
docker exec -it <id> /bin/bash
./scheme/ dummy.sql
mysql aurweb < dummy.sql
The generation script may prompt you to install other Arch packages before it
can proceed.
### Querying the RPC
The Fast (Python) API runs on Port 8444, while the legacy PHP version runs
on 8443. You can query one like so:
curl -k "https://localhost:8444/rpc/?v=5&type=search&arg=python"
`-k` bypasses local certificate issues that `curl` will otherwise complain about.
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