Commit 42f8f160 authored by Frédéric Mangano-Tarumi's avatar Frédéric Mangano-Tarumi Committed by Lukas Fleischer
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Open AUR sessions from SSO

Only the core functionality is implemented here. See the TODOs.
Signed-off-by: Lukas Fleischer's avatarLukas Fleischer <>
parent c77e9d1d
import time
import uuid
import fastapi import fastapi
from authlib.integrations.starlette_client import OAuth from authlib.integrations.starlette_client import OAuth
from fastapi import Depends, HTTPException
from fastapi.responses import RedirectResponse
from sqlalchemy.sql import select
from starlette.requests import Request from starlette.requests import Request
import aurweb.config import aurweb.config
import aurweb.db
from aurweb.schema import Sessions, Users
router = fastapi.APIRouter() router = fastapi.APIRouter()
...@@ -23,8 +32,46 @@ async def login(request: Request): ...@@ -23,8 +32,46 @@ async def login(request: Request):
return await oauth.sso.authorize_redirect(request, redirect_uri, prompt="login") return await oauth.sso.authorize_redirect(request, redirect_uri, prompt="login")
def open_session(conn, user_id):
Create a new user session into the database. Return its SID.
# TODO check for account suspension
# TODO apply [options] max_sessions_per_user
sid = uuid.uuid4().hex
# TODO update Users.LastLogin and Users.LastLoginIPAddress
return sid
@router.get("/sso/authenticate") @router.get("/sso/authenticate")
async def authenticate(request: Request): async def authenticate(request: Request, conn=Depends(aurweb.db.connect)):
Receive an OpenID Connect ID token, validate it, then process it to create
an new AUR session.
# TODO check for banned IPs
token = await oauth.sso.authorize_access_token(request) token = await oauth.sso.authorize_access_token(request)
user = await oauth.sso.parse_id_token(request, token) user = await oauth.sso.parse_id_token(request, token)
return dict(user) sub = user.get("sub") # this is the SSO account ID in JWT terminology
if not sub:
raise HTTPException(status_code=400, detail="JWT is missing its `sub` field.")
aur_accounts = conn.execute(select([Users.c.ID]).where(Users.c.SSOAccountID == sub)) \
if not aur_accounts:
return "Sorry, we don’t seem to know you Sir " + sub
elif len(aur_accounts) == 1:
sid = open_session(conn, aur_accounts[0][Users.c.ID])
response = RedirectResponse("/")
# TODO redirect to the referrer
response.set_cookie(key="AURSID", value=sid, httponly=True,
secure=request.url.scheme == "https")
return response
# We’ve got a severe integrity violation.
raise Exception("Multiple accounts found for SSO account " + sub)
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