Commit 4660892e authored by Lukas Fleischer's avatar Lukas Fleischer
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Allow setting an empty home page

Since commit 4efba18f

 (Only allow valid HTTP(s) URLs as home page,
2017-11-05), the home page field in the account settings must be a valid
URL. However, this new check prevents from leaving the field empty. Keep
the check in place but skip it if the home page field is left empty.

Fixes FS#56550.

Signed-off-by: Lukas Fleischer's avatarLukas Fleischer <>
parent 0333d475
......@@ -162,7 +162,7 @@ function process_account_form($TYPE,$A,$U="",$T="",$S="",$E="",$H="",$P="",$C=""
$error = __("The email address is invalid.");
if (!$error && !valid_homepage($HP)) {
if (!$error && !empty($HP) && !valid_homepage($HP)) {
$error = __("The home page is invalid, please specify the full HTTP(s) URL.");
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