Commit 63c2cf1f authored by Loui Chang's avatar Loui Chang
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lang: Fix problem in Greek translation file.

Signed-off-by: default avatarLoui Chang <>
parent 28cb9a9d
......@@ -504,8 +504,9 @@ $_t["Confirm your new password:"] = "Επιβεβαιώστε το νέο σας
$_t["Add Proposal"] = "Προσθέστε Πρόταση";
$_t["Ascending"] = "Αύξουσα";
$_t["Ascending"] = "Αύξουσα"
$_t["Descending"] = "Φθίνουσα";
$_t["Out of Date"] = "Παρωχημένο";
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