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Add update hook template

This adds a script that can be used as an update hook to check all
commits for validity and to regenerate the package details page before
updating a named ref.

Signed-off-by: default avatarLukas Fleischer <>
parent ad17b9e2
......@@ -36,4 +36,5 @@ ssh-options = no-port-forwarding,no-X11-forwarding,no-pty
repo-base = /pub/git/
repo-regex = [a-z0-9][a-z0-9.+_-]*$
git-update-hook = /srv/http/aur/scripts/git-integration/
git-shell-cmd = /usr/bin/git-shell
#!/usr/bin/env python
from copy import copy, deepcopy
import pprint
import sys
class Attr(object):
def __init__(self, name, is_multivalued=False, allow_arch_extensions=False): = name
self.is_multivalued = is_multivalued
self.allow_arch_extensions = allow_arch_extensions
'arch': Attr('arch', True),
'backup': Attr('backup', True),
'changelog': Attr('changelog', False),
'checkdepends': Attr('checkdepends', True),
'conflicts': Attr('conflicts', True, True),
'depends': Attr('depends', True, True),
'epoch': Attr('epoch', False),
'groups': Attr('groups', True),
'install': Attr('install', False),
'license': Attr('license', True),
'makedepends': Attr('makedepends', True, True),
'md5sums': Attr('md5sums', True, True),
'noextract': Attr('noextract', True),
'optdepends': Attr('optdepends', True, True),
'options': Attr('options', True),
'pkgname': Attr('pkgname', False),
'pkgrel': Attr('pkgrel', False),
'pkgver': Attr('pkgver', False),
'provides': Attr('provides', True, True),
'replaces': Attr('replaces', True, True),
'sha1sums': Attr('sha1sums', True, True),
'sha224sums': Attr('sha224sums', True, True),
'sha256sums': Attr('sha256sums', True, True),
'sha384sums': Attr('sha384sums', True, True),
'sha512sums': Attr('sha512sums', True, True),
'source': Attr('source', True, True),
'url': Attr('url', False),
'validpgpkeys': Attr('validpgpkeys', True),
def find_attr(attrname):
# exact match
attr = PKGBUILD_ATTRIBUTES.get(attrname, None)
if attr:
return attr
# prefix match
# XXX: this could break in the future if PKGBUILD(5) ever
# introduces a key which is a subset of another.
for k in PKGBUILD_ATTRIBUTES.keys():
if attrname.startswith(k + '_'):
def IsMultiValued(attrname):
attr = find_attr(attrname)
return attr and attr.is_multivalued
class AurInfo(object):
def __init__(self):
self._pkgbase = {}
self._packages = {}
def GetPackageNames(self):
return self._packages.keys()
def GetMergedPackage(self, pkgname):
package = deepcopy(self._pkgbase)
package['pkgname'] = pkgname
for k, v in self._packages.get(pkgname).items():
package[k] = deepcopy(v)
return package
def AddPackage(self, pkgname):
self._packages[pkgname] = {}
return self._packages[pkgname]
def SetPkgbase(self, pkgbasename):
self._pkgbase = {'pkgname' : pkgbasename}
return self._pkgbase
class StderrECatcher(object):
def Catch(self, lineno, error):
print('ERROR[%d]: %s' % (lineno, error), file=sys.stderr)
class CollectionECatcher(object):
def __init__(self):
self._errors = []
def Catch(self, lineno, error):
self._errors.append((lineno, error))
def HasErrors(self):
return len(self._errors) > 0
def Errors(self):
return copy(self._errors)
def ParseAurinfoFromIterable(iterable, ecatcher=None):
aurinfo = AurInfo()
if ecatcher is None:
ecatcher = StderrECatcher()
current_package = None
lineno = 0
for line in iterable:
lineno += 1
if line.startswith('#'):
if not line.strip():
# end of package
current_package = None
if not line.startswith('\t'):
# start of new package
key, value = map(str.strip, line.split('=', 1))
except ValueError:
ecatcher.Catch(lineno, 'unexpected header format in section=%s' %
if key == 'pkgbase':
current_package = aurinfo.SetPkgbase(value)
current_package = aurinfo.AddPackage(value)
# package attribute
if current_package is None:
ecatcher.Catch(lineno, 'package attribute found outside of '
'a package section')
key, value = map(str.strip, line.split('=', 1))
except ValueError:
ecatcher.Catch(lineno, 'unexpected attribute format in '
'section=%s' % current_package['pkgname'])
if IsMultiValued(key):
if not current_package.get(key):
current_package[key] = []
if value:
if not current_package.get(key):
current_package[key] = value
ecatcher.Catch(lineno, 'overwriting attribute '
'%s: %s -> %s' % (key, current_package[key],
return aurinfo
def ParseAurinfo(filename='.AURINFO', ecatcher=None):
with open(filename) as f:
return ParseAurinfoFromIterable(f, ecatcher)
def ValidateAurinfo(filename='.AURINFO'):
ecatcher = CollectionECatcher()
ParseAurinfo(filename, ecatcher)
errors = ecatcher.Errors()
for error in errors:
print('error on line %d: %s' % error, file=sys.stderr)
return not errors
if __name__ == '__main__':
pp = pprint.PrettyPrinter(indent=4)
if len(sys.argv) == 1:
print('error: not enough arguments')
elif len(sys.argv) == 2:
action = sys.argv[1]
filename = '.AURINFO'
action, filename = sys.argv[1:3]
if action == 'parse':
aurinfo = ParseAurinfo()
for pkgname in aurinfo.GetPackageNames():
print(">>> merged package: %s" % pkgname)
elif action == 'validate':
sys.exit(not ValidateAurinfo(filename))
print('unknown action: %s' % action)
# vim: set et ts=4 sw=4:
......@@ -18,6 +18,7 @@ aur_db_pass = config.get('database', 'password')
repo_base_path = config.get('serve', 'repo-base')
repo_regex = config.get('serve', 'repo-regex')
git_update_hook = config.get('serve', 'git-update-hook')
git_shell_cmd = config.get('serve', 'git-shell-cmd')
def repo_path_validate(path):
......@@ -60,6 +61,7 @@ def setup_repo(repo, user):
repo_path = repo_base_path + '/' + repo + '.git/'
pygit2.init_repository(repo_path, True)
os.symlink(git_update_hook, repo_path + 'hooks/update')
def check_permissions(pkgbase, user):
db = mysql.connector.connect(host=aur_db_host, user=aur_db_user,
from copy import copy, deepcopy
import configparser
import mysql.connector
import os
import pygit2
import re
import sys
import aurinfo
config = configparser.RawConfigParser() + "/../../conf/config")
aur_db_host = config.get('database', 'host')
aur_db_name = config.get('database', 'name')
aur_db_user = config.get('database', 'user')
aur_db_pass = config.get('database', 'password')
def save_srcinfo(srcinfo, db, cur, user):
# Obtain package base ID and previous maintainer.
pkgbase = srcinfo._pkgbase['pkgname']
cur.execute("SELECT ID, MaintainerUID FROM PackageBases "
"WHERE Name = %s", [pkgbase])
(pkgbase_id, maintainer_uid) = cur.fetchone()
was_orphan = not maintainer_uid
# Obtain the user ID of the new maintainer.
cur.execute("SELECT ID FROM Users WHERE Username = %s", [user])
user_id = int(cur.fetchone()[0])
# Update package base details and delete current packages.
cur.execute("UPDATE PackageBases SET ModifiedTS = UNIX_TIMESTAMP(), " +
"MaintainerUID = %s, PackagerUID = %s, " +
"OutOfDateTS = NULL WHERE ID = %s",
[user_id, user_id, pkgbase_id])
cur.execute("DELETE FROM Packages WHERE PackageBaseID = %s",
for pkgname in srcinfo.GetPackageNames():
pkginfo = srcinfo.GetMergedPackage(pkgname)
if 'epoch' in pkginfo and pkginfo['epoch'] > 0:
ver = '%d:%s-%s' % (pkginfo['epoch'], pkginfo['pkgver'],
ver = '%s-%s' % (pkginfo['pkgver'], pkginfo['pkgrel'])
# Create a new package.
cur.execute("INSERT INTO Packages (PackageBaseID, Name, " +
"Version, Description, URL) " +
"VALUES (%s, %s, %s, %s, %s)",
[pkgbase_id, pkginfo['pkgname'], ver,
pkginfo['pkgdesc'], pkginfo['url']])
pkgid = cur.lastrowid
# Add package sources.
for source in pkginfo['source']:
cur.execute("INSERT INTO PackageSources (PackageID, Source) " +
"VALUES (%s, %s)", [pkgid, source])
# Add package dependencies.
for deptype in ('depends', 'makedepends',
'checkdepends', 'optdepends'):
if not deptype in pkginfo:
cur.execute("SELECT ID FROM DependencyTypes WHERE Name = %s",
deptypeid = cur.fetchone()[0]
for dep in pkginfo[deptype]:
depname = re.sub(r'(<|=|>).*', '', dep)
depcond = dep[len(depname):]
cur.execute("INSERT INTO PackageDepends (PackageID, " +
"DepTypeID, DepName, DepCondition) " +
"VALUES (%s, %s, %s, %s)", [pkgid, deptypeid,
depname, depcond])
# Add package relations (conflicts, provides, replaces).
for reltype in ('conflicts', 'provides', 'replaces'):
if not reltype in pkginfo:
cur.execute("SELECT ID FROM RelationTypes WHERE Name = %s",
reltypeid = cur.fetchone()[0]
for rel in pkginfo[reltype]:
relname = re.sub(r'(<|=|>).*', '', rel)
relcond = rel[len(relname):]
cur.execute("INSERT INTO PackageRelations (PackageID, " +
"RelTypeID, RelName, RelCondition) " +
"VALUES (%s, %s, %s, %s)", [pkgid, reltypeid,
relname, relcond])
# Add package licenses.
if 'license' in pkginfo:
for license in pkginfo['license']:
cur.execute("SELECT ID FROM Licenses WHERE Name = %s",
if cur.rowcount == 1:
licenseid = cur.fetchone()[0]
cur.execute("INSERT INTO Licenses (Name) VALUES (%s)",
licenseid = cur.lastrowid
cur.execute("INSERT INTO PackageLicenses (PackageID, " +
"LicenseID) VALUES (%s, %s)",
[pkgid, licenseid])
# Add package groups.
if 'groups' in pkginfo:
for group in pkginfo['groups']:
cur.execute("SELECT ID FROM Groups WHERE Name = %s",
if cur.rowcount == 1:
groupid = cur.fetchone()[0]
cur.execute("INSERT INTO Groups (Name) VALUES (%s)",
groupid = cur.lastrowid
cur.execute("INSERT INTO PackageGroups (PackageID, "
"GroupID) VALUES (%s, %s)", [pkgid, groupid])
# Add user to notification list on adoption.
if was_orphan:
cur.execute("INSERT INTO CommentNotify (PackageBaseID, UserID) " +
"VALUES (%s, %s)", [pkgbase_id, user_id])
def die(msg):
sys.stderr.write("error: %s\n" % (msg))
def die_commit(msg, commit):
sys.stderr.write("error: The following error " +
"occurred when parsing commit\n")
sys.stderr.write("error: %s:\n" % (commit))
sys.stderr.write("error: %s\n" % (msg))
if len(sys.argv) != 4:
die("invalid arguments")
refname = sys.argv[1]
sha1_old = sys.argv[2]
sha1_new = sys.argv[3]
user = os.environ.get("AUR_USER")
pkgbase = os.environ.get("AUR_PKGBASE")
git_dir = os.environ.get("AUR_GIT_DIR")
if refname != "refs/heads/master":
die("pushing to a branch other than master is restricted")
repo = pygit2.Repository(git_dir)
walker = repo.walk(sha1_new, pygit2.GIT_SORT_TOPOLOGICAL)
if sha1_old != "0000000000000000000000000000000000000000":
for commit in walker:
if not '.SRCINFO' in commit.tree:
die_commit("missing .SRCINFO",
for treeobj in commit.tree:
if repo[].size > 100000:
die_commit("maximum blob size (100kB) exceeded",
srcinfo_raw = repo[commit.tree['.SRCINFO'].id].data.decode()
srcinfo_raw = srcinfo_raw.split('\n')
ecatcher = aurinfo.CollectionECatcher()
srcinfo = aurinfo.ParseAurinfoFromIterable(srcinfo_raw, ecatcher)
errors = ecatcher.Errors()
if errors:
sys.stderr.write("error: The following errors occurred "
"when parsing .SRCINFO in commit\n")
sys.stderr.write("error: %s:\n" % (
for error in errors:
sys.stderr.write("error: line %d: %s\n" % error)
srcinfo_pkgbase = srcinfo._pkgbase['pkgname']
if srcinfo_pkgbase != pkgbase:
die_commit('invalid pkgbase: %s' % (srcinfo_pkgbase),
for pkgname in srcinfo.GetPackageNames():
pkginfo = srcinfo.GetMergedPackage(pkgname)
if not re.match(r'[a-z0-9][a-z0-9\.+_-]*$', pkginfo['pkgname']):
die_commit('invalid package name: %s' % (pkginfo['pkgname']),
if not re.match(r'(?:http|ftp)s?://.*', pkginfo['url']):
die_commit('invalid URL: %s' % (pkginfo['url']),
for field in ('pkgname', 'pkgdesc', 'url'):
if len(pkginfo[field]) > 255:
die_commit('%s field too long: %s' % (field, pkginfo[field]),
srcinfo_raw = repo[repo[sha1_new].tree['.SRCINFO'].id].data.decode()
srcinfo_raw = srcinfo_raw.split('\n')
srcinfo = aurinfo.ParseAurinfoFromIterable(srcinfo_raw)
db = mysql.connector.connect(host=aur_db_host, user=aur_db_user,
passwd=aur_db_pass, db=aur_db_name,
cur = db.cursor()
save_srcinfo(srcinfo, db, cur, user)
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