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aurweb RPC interface
aurweb RPC Interface
Allowed methods
Package Search
* `search`
* `info`
* `multiinfo`
* `msearch`
Package searches can be performed by issuing HTTP GET requests of the form
+/rpc/?v=5&type=search&search_by=_by_&arg=_keywords_+ where _by_ is either
`name` (search by package name only), `name-desc` (search by package name and
description) or `maintainer` (search by package maintainer) and _keywords_ is
the search argument. The _search_by_ parameter can be skipped and defaults to
Each method requires the following HTTP GET syntax:
If a maintainer search is performed and the search argument is left empty, a
list of orphan packages is returned.
Where _methodname_ is the name of an allowed method, and _data_ is the argument
to the call.
Package Details
If you need jsonp type callback specification, you can provide an additional
variable _callback_.
Package information can be obtained by issuing HTTP GET requests of the form
+/rpc/?v=5&type=info&arg[]=_pkg1_&arg[]=_pkg2_&...+ where _pkg1_, _pkg2_, ...
are the names of packages to retrieve package details for.
`search` by maintainer::
`search` with callback::
`info` with multiple packages::
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