Commit c7a9c2f3 authored by Dan McGee's avatar Dan McGee Committed by Lukas Fleischer
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Show last voted date on account details page

We already show it in the account listing page as well, so we should
show it here too.

Also use a standard date format; we weren't using this non-punctuated
format anywhere else.

Signed-off-by: default avatarDan McGee <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarLukas Fleischer <>
parent a21739aa
......@@ -82,7 +82,7 @@ if (isset($_COOKIE["AURSID"])) {
$row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result);
$row["AccountType"], $row["Email"], $row["RealName"],
$row["IRCNick"], $row["LastVoted"]);
} elseif ($action == "UpdateAccount") {
......@@ -461,7 +461,7 @@ function search_results_page($UTYPE,$O=0,$SB="",$U="",$T="",
print "</span></td>";
print "<td class='".$c."'><span class='f5'>";
? print date("Ymd", $row["LastVoted"])
? print date("Y-m-d", $row["LastVoted"])
: print __("Never");
print "</span></td>";
print "<td class='".$c."'><span class='f5'>";
......@@ -526,12 +526,13 @@ function search_results_page($UTYPE,$O=0,$SB="",$U="",$T="",
# Display non-editable account info
function display_account_info($U="", $T="", $E="", $R="", $I="") {
function display_account_info($U="", $T="", $E="", $R="", $I="", $LV="") {
# U: value to display for username
# T: value to display for account type
# E: value to display for email address
# R: value to display for RealName
# I: value to display for IRC nick
# LV: value to display for last voted
......@@ -573,6 +574,13 @@ function display_account_info($U="", $T="", $E="", $R="", $I="") {
print " <td align='left'>".htmlspecialchars($I,ENT_QUOTES)."</td>\n";
print " </tr>\n";
print " <tr>\n";
print " <td align='left'>".__("Last Voted").":</td>\n";
print " <td align='left'>";
print $LV ? date("Y-m-d", $LV) : __("Never");
print "</td>\n";
print " </tr>\n";
print " <tr>\n";
print " <td colspan='2'><a href='packages.php?K=".$U."&amp;SeB=m'>".__("View this user's packages")."</a></td>\n";
print " </tr>\n";
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