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    • Lukas Fleischer's avatar
      Wrap mysql_real_escape_string() in a function · 10b6a8ff
      Lukas Fleischer authored
      Wrap mysql_real_escape_string() in a wrapper function db_escape_string()
      to ease porting to other databases, and as another step to pulling more
      of the database code into a central location.
      This is a rebased version of a patch by elij submitted about half a year
      Thanks-to: elij <>
      Signed-off-by: default avatarLukas Fleischer <>
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    • Evangelos Foutras's avatar
      Implement 'Password Reset' facility (FS#3061) · 861cbf49
      Evangelos Foutras authored
      This works by adding a new field to the 'Users' table called 'ResetKey',
      which is a 32 characters long, random string. When the user requests a
      password reset, a new 'reset key' is generated and sent to the user's
      e-mail address in the form of a link in the following format:
      When the above link is followed, the user is presented with a form to
      verify his/her e-mail address and specify the new desired password. If
      the e-mail address matches the reset key in the database, the new
      password is assigned to the account. If there is an error, a relevant
      message is displayed and the user is prompted to re-enter the required
      information. Upon successful completion of this procedure, the ResetKey
      field in the database is blanked and the specific key cannot be reused.
      One SQL query is needed to add the ResetKey field to the 'Users' table:
        ALTER TABLE `Users` ADD `ResetKey` CHAR(32) NOT NULL DEFAULT '';
      Signed-off-by: default avatarLoui Chang <>