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      Tweaks of various page layouts and handling of data · d4b07f2b
      Callan Barrett authored
      This is a patch that fixes a lot of little things:
      * We no longer have pkgsearch or pkgdetails link functions and all
      references to them are gone, that's what a back button is for and if
      we really need it we can come up with something better
      * No longer have do_Details variable, this means links on the package
      search are simply ?ID=foo
      * On the pkgdetails pages when there are either no deps, deps by,
      sources or comments for a package the list for each will display
      "None" instead of nothing at all (ruining the layout)
      * Fixed a bug where if a package had no sources or no deps
      pkgsubmit.php would submit an empty one
      * Translation of the word "Search'" has been changed to "Search"
      Most of these relate to each other.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarCallan Barrett <>
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