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Align the partition end sectors and add partition names

sgdisk by default only aligns the partition start. Use the --align-end option to align the partition end too.


* Add PARTLABEL values to all partitions.
* Do not hardcode the partition number and end sectors in sgdisk commands by using the special value "0".
* Follow the Discoverable Partitions Specification by using the "Linux x86-64 root" partition type.
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......@@ -46,9 +46,10 @@ trap cleanup EXIT
# Create the disk, partitions it, format the partition and mount the filesystem
function setup_disk() {
truncate -s "${DEFAULT_DISK_SIZE}" "${IMAGE}"
sgdisk --clear \
--new 1::+1M --typecode=1:ef02 \
--new 2::-0 --typecode=2:8300 \
sgdisk --align-end \
--clear \
--new 0:0:+1M --typecode=0:ef02 --change-name=0:'BIOS boot partition' \
--new 0:0:0 --typecode=0:8304 --change-name=0:'Arch Linux' \
LOOPDEV=$(losetup --find --partscan --show "${IMAGE}")
......@@ -147,9 +148,9 @@ function create_image() {
cp -a "${IMAGE}" "${tmp_image}"
if [ -n "${DISK_SIZE}" ]; then
truncate -s "${DISK_SIZE}" "${tmp_image}"
sgdisk --delete 2 "${tmp_image}"
sgdisk --move-second-header \
--new 2::-0 --typecode=2:8300 \
sgdisk --align-end --delete 2 "${tmp_image}"
sgdisk --align-end --move-second-header \
--new 0:0:0 --typecode=0:8304 --change-name=0:'Arch Linux' \
mount_image "${tmp_image}"
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