Verified Commit 31b1dfdb authored by nl6720's avatar nl6720
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archiso/mkarchiso: delete all files in /boot not just the kernel and initramfs

There is nothing useful in /boot for the live system.
parent 7c2247f6
......@@ -187,13 +187,9 @@ _pacman () {
_cleanup () {
_msg_info "Cleaning up what we can on airootfs..."
# Delete initcpio image(s)
# Delete all files in /boot
if [[ -d "${airootfs_dir}/boot" ]]; then
find "${airootfs_dir}/boot" -type f -name '*.img' -delete
# Delete kernel(s)
if [[ -d "${airootfs_dir}/boot" ]]; then
find "${airootfs_dir}/boot" -type f -name 'vmlinuz*' -delete
find "${airootfs_dir}/boot" -mindepth 1 -delete
# Delete pacman database sync cache files (*.tar.gz)
if [[ -d "${airootfs_dir}/var/lib/pacman" ]]; then
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