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Set more generic output for signatures

Change the help output to reflect that the `-g` option is generically signing a rootfs (which may be e.g. squashfs or
Change the output of `_mksignature()` to be more generic, as it signs any type of understood rootfs image (which may be
e.g. squashfs or erofs).
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......@@ -93,7 +93,7 @@ usage: ${app_name} [options] <profile_dir>
Default: '${iso_label}'
-P <publisher> Set the ISO publisher
Default: '${iso_publisher}'
-g <gpg_key> Set the GPG key to be used for signing the sqashfs image
-g <gpg_key> Set the PGP key ID to be used for signing the rootfs image
-h This message
-o <out_dir> Set the output directory
Default: '${out_dir}'
......@@ -225,7 +225,7 @@ _mkchecksum() {
_mksignature() {
_msg_info "Signing SquashFS image..."
_msg_info "Signing rootfs image..."
cd -- "${isofs_dir}/${install_dir}/${arch}"
# always use the .sig file extension, as that is what mkinitcpio-archiso's hooks expect
if [[ -e "${isofs_dir}/${install_dir}/${arch}/airootfs.sfs" ]]; then
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