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Allow specifying ownership and mode of custom airootfs files and directories can now contain an associative array called file_permissions which can be used to set custom ownership and mode of custom airootfs files. The array's keys contain the path and the value is a colon separated list of owner UID, owner GID and access mode.
For example:


This means that mkarchiso now copies airootfs files (and directores) without permissions and anything that should be owned by a user other than root and/or if the mode should be something other than 644 for files and 755 for directories must to be listed in ${file_permission[@]} in

Fixes archlinux/archiso#61 .
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......@@ -52,6 +52,9 @@ The image file is constructed from some of the variables in ****: `
- `ext4+squashfs`: Create an ext4 partition, copy the airootfs work directory to it and create a squashfs image from it
* `airootfs_image_tool_options`: An array of options to pass to the tool to create the airootfs image. Currently only
`mksquashfs` is supported - see `mksquashfs --help` for all possible options (defaults to `('-comp' 'xz')`).
- `file_permissions`: An associative array that lists files and/or directories who need specific ownership or
permissions. The array's keys contain the path and the value is a colon separated list of owner UID, owner GID and
access mode. E.g. `file_permissions=(["/etc/shadow"]="0:0:400")`.
......@@ -91,8 +94,9 @@ airootfs
This - optional - directory may contain files and directories that will be copied to the work directory of the resulting
image's root filesystem.
The files are copied before packages are being installed to work directory location.
Ownership of files and directories from the profile's `airootfs` directory are not preserved (permissions are currently
the same as in the profile's `airootfs` - see `#61 <>`_).
Ownership and permissions of files and directories from the profile's `airootfs` directory are not preserved. The mode
will be `644` for files and `755` for directories, all of them will be owned by root. To set custom ownership and/or
permissions, use `file_permissions` in ****.
With this overlay structure it is possible to e.g. create users and set passwords for them, by providing
`airootfs/etc/passwd`, `airootfs/etc/shadow`, `airootfs/etc/gshadow` (see `man 5 passwd`, `man 5 shadow` and `man 5
......@@ -37,6 +37,7 @@ override_pacman_conf=""
airootfs_image_tool_options=('-comp' 'xz')
declare -A file_permissions=()
# Show an INFO message
......@@ -257,30 +258,23 @@ _make_pacman_conf() {
# Prepare working directory and copy custom airootfs files (airootfs)
_make_custom_airootfs() {
local passwd=()
local filename permissions
install -d -m 0755 -o 0 -g 0 -- "${airootfs_dir}"
if [[ -d "${profile}/airootfs" ]]; then
_msg_info "Copying custom airootfs files and setting up user home directories..."
cp -af --no-preserve=ownership -- "${profile}/airootfs/." "${airootfs_dir}"
[[ -e "${airootfs_dir}/etc/shadow" ]] && chmod -f 0400 -- "${airootfs_dir}/etc/shadow"
[[ -e "${airootfs_dir}/etc/gshadow" ]] && chmod -f 0400 -- "${airootfs_dir}/etc/gshadow"
# Set up user home directories and permissions
if [[ -e "${airootfs_dir}/etc/passwd" ]]; then
while IFS=':' read -a passwd -r; do
[[ "${passwd[5]}" == '/' ]] && continue
[[ -z "${passwd[5]}" ]] && continue
if [[ -d "${airootfs_dir}${passwd[5]}" ]]; then
chown -hR -- "${passwd[2]}:${passwd[3]}" "${airootfs_dir}${passwd[5]}"
chmod -f 0750 -- "${airootfs_dir}${passwd[5]}"
install -d -m 0750 -o "${passwd[2]}" -g "${passwd[3]}" -- "${airootfs_dir}${passwd[5]}"
done < "${airootfs_dir}/etc/passwd"
_msg_info "Copying custom airootfs files..."
cp -af --no-preserve=ownership,mode -- "${profile}/airootfs/." "${airootfs_dir}"
# Set ownership and mode for files and directories
for filename in "${!file_permissions[@]}"; do
IFS=':' read -ra permissions <<< "${file_permissions["${filename}"]}"
if [[ -e "${airootfs_dir}${filename}" ]]; then
chown -fh -- "${permissions[0]}:${permissions[1]}" "${airootfs_dir}${filename}"
chmod -f -- "${permissions[2]}" "${airootfs_dir}${filename}"
_msg_warning "Cannot change permissions of '${airootfs_dir}${filename}'. The file or directory does not exist."
_msg_info "Done!"
......@@ -318,10 +312,12 @@ _make_customize_airootfs() {
(( passwd[2] >= 1000 && passwd[2] < 60000 )) || continue
[[ "${passwd[5]}" == '/' ]] && continue
[[ -z "${passwd[5]}" ]] && continue
cp -dnRT --preserve=mode,timestamps,links -- "${airootfs_dir}/etc/skel" "${airootfs_dir}${passwd[5]}"
if [[ ! -d "${airootfs_dir}${passwd[5]}" ]]; then
install -d -m 0750 -o "${passwd[2]}" -g "${passwd[3]}" -- "${airootfs_dir}${passwd[5]}"
cp -dnRT --preserve=mode,timestamps,links -- "${airootfs_dir}/etc/skel/." "${airootfs_dir}${passwd[5]}"
chmod -f 0750 -- "${airootfs_dir}${passwd[5]}"
chown -hR -- "${passwd[2]}:${passwd[3]}" "${airootfs_dir}${passwd[5]}"
done < "${profile}/airootfs/etc/passwd"
_msg_info "Done!"
......@@ -329,6 +325,7 @@ _make_customize_airootfs() {
if [[ -e "${airootfs_dir}/root/" ]]; then
_msg_info "Running in '${airootfs_dir}' chroot..."
_msg_warning " is deprecated! Support for it will be removed in a future archiso version."
chmod -f -- +x "${airootfs_dir}/root/"
eval -- arch-chroot "${airootfs_dir}" "/root/"
rm -- "${airootfs_dir}/root/"
_msg_info "Done! run successfully."
......@@ -10,3 +10,6 @@ install_dir="arch"
bootmodes=('bios.syslinux.mbr' 'bios.syslinux.eltorito' 'uefi-x64.systemd-boot.esp' 'uefi-x64.systemd-boot.eltorito')
......@@ -11,3 +11,11 @@ bootmodes=('bios.syslinux.mbr' 'bios.syslinux.eltorito' 'uefi-x64.systemd-boot.e
airootfs_image_tool_options=('-comp' 'xz' '-Xbcj' 'x86' '-b' '1M' '-Xdict-size' '1M')
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