Commit 539c3866 authored by Gerardo Exequiel Pozzi's avatar Gerardo Exequiel Pozzi
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[archiso] Rework _mount_fs() to _mount_airootfs() same for umount

Also remove _show_space_usage() irrelevant now when fs size is fixed and big
parent 25e39ee0
......@@ -39,15 +39,6 @@ _msg_error() {
# Show space usage similar to df, but better formatted.
# $1: mount-point or mounted device.
_show_space_usage () {
local _where="${1}"
local _fs _total _used _avail _pct_u=0 _mnt
read _fs _total _used _avail _pct_u _mnt < <(df -m "${_where}" | tail -1) &> /dev/null
_msg_info "Total: ${_total} MiB (100%) | Used: ${_used} MiB (${_pct_u}) | Avail: ${_avail} MiB ($((100 - ${_pct_u%\%}))%)"
_chroot_init() {
if [[ -f "${work_dir}/mkarchiso.init" ]]; then
_msg_info "Initial enviroment already installed, skipping."
......@@ -62,27 +53,19 @@ _chroot_run() {
eval arch-chroot ${work_dir}/airootfs "${run_cmd}"
# Mount a filesystem (trap signals in case of error for unmounting it
# $1: source image
# $2: mount-point
_mount_fs() {
local _src="${1}"
local _dst="${2}"
trap "_umount_fs ${_src}" EXIT HUP INT TERM
mkdir -p "${_dst}"
_msg_info "Mounting '${_src}' on '${_dst}'"
mount "${_src}" "${_dst}"
_show_space_usage "${_dst}"
_mount_airootfs() {
trap "_umount_airootfs" EXIT HUP INT TERM
mkdir -p "${work_dir}/mnt/airootfs"
_msg_info "Mounting '${work_dir}/airootfs.img' on '${work_dir}/mnt/airootfs'"
mount "${work_dir}/airootfs.img" "${work_dir}/mnt/airootfs"
_msg_info "Done!"
# Unmount a filesystem (and untrap signals)
# $1: mount-point or device/image
_umount_fs() {
local _dst="${1}"
_show_space_usage "${_dst}"
_msg_info "Unmounting '${_dst}'"
umount "${_dst}"
rmdir "${_dst}"
_umount_airootfs() {
_msg_info "Unmounting '${work_dir}/mnt/airootfs'"
umount "${work_dir}/mnt/airootfs"
_msg_info "Done!"
rmdir "${work_dir}/mnt/airootfs"
......@@ -258,11 +241,11 @@ _mkairootfs () {
mkfs.ext4 ${_qflag} -O ^has_journal -E lazy_itable_init=0 -m 0 -F "${work_dir}/airootfs.img"
tune2fs -c 0 -i 0 "${work_dir}/airootfs.img" &> /dev/null
_msg_info "Done!"
_mount_fs "${work_dir}/airootfs.img" "${work_dir}/mnt/airootfs"
_msg_info "Copying '${work_dir}/airootfs/' to '${work_dir}/mnt/airootfs/'..."
cp -aT "${work_dir}/airootfs/" "${work_dir}/mnt/airootfs/"
_msg_info "Done!"
_umount_fs "${work_dir}/mnt/airootfs"
_msg_info "Creating SquashFS image, this may take some time..."
if [[ "${quiet}" = "y" ]]; then
mksquashfs "${work_dir}/airootfs.img" "${work_dir}/iso/${install_dir}/${arch}/airootfs.sfs" -noappend -comp "${sfs_comp}" -no-progress &> /dev/null
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