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README.rst: Remove initcpio, fix formatting

Remove note on installing the initcpio scripts as they now reside in a separate project.
Fix codeblock describing how to boot into the ISO from grub.
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......@@ -120,18 +120,13 @@ To install archiso system-wide use the included ``Makefile``:
make install
Optionally install archiso's mkinitcpio hooks:
.. code:: sh
make install-initcpio
Optional features
The iso image contains a GRUB environment block holding the iso name and version. This allows to
boot the iso image from GRUB with a version specific cow directory to mitigate overlay clashes.
.. code:: sh
loopback loop archlinux.iso
load_env -f (loop)/arch/grubenv
linux (loop)/arch/boot/x86_64/vmlinuz-linux ... \
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