1. 31 Jul, 2021 14 commits
  2. 15 Jun, 2021 1 commit
  3. 29 May, 2021 1 commit
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      Merge remote-tracking branch 'sxw/copytoram' · fa48377c
      David Runge authored
      * sxw/copytoram:
        Apply copytoram Boot Option Menu Entries also to releng
        Fence add_binary for pv
        Reorder UEFI boot menu entries
        Update README.bootparams
        Apply 1 suggestion(s) to 1 file(s)
        add optional pv tool
  4. 14 May, 2021 4 commits
  5. 30 Apr, 2021 1 commit
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      Ignore SC3060 in initcpio hook · 3a5877d9
      David Runge authored
      Disable shellcheck's SC3060, as ash is able to do bash-like string replacements.
  6. 09 Mar, 2021 2 commits
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      Support EROFS · 1bfadf3e
      nl6720 authored
      EROFS, like Squashfs, is a read-only file system. It can be used to store airootfs in an image file.
      Its advantage is the support for POSIX ACLs. EROFS downside is that currently it only supports LZ4 compression (LZMA support is not yet fully implemented).
      A difference from Squashfs is that, EROFS stores change time (ctime) not modification time (mtime). The reverse is true for Squashfs.
      Implements archlinux/archiso#59
    • nl6720's avatar
      archiso/initcpio/hooks/archiso: remove redundant /sfs/ from airootfs mount point · d13c747c
      nl6720 authored
      Remove /run/archiso/bootmnt directory if nothing is mounted there. An empty directory is just confusing.
  7. 31 Jan, 2021 3 commits
  8. 26 Jan, 2021 1 commit
    • Christian Hesse's avatar
      archiso_pxe_common: remove resolv.conf before copy · 91d31c00
      Christian Hesse authored and David Runge's avatar David Runge committed
      Booting via PXE we want to keep our DNS configuration. So remove
      /etc/resolv.conf in new root before copying the current file.
      Without this systemd-resolved fallback nameservers are used and we see an
      error message when the root ships a symbolic link to systemd-resolved's
      cp: not writing through dangling symlink '/new_root/etc/resolv.conf'
  9. 23 Jan, 2021 1 commit
  10. 18 Nov, 2020 1 commit
  11. 30 Oct, 2020 1 commit
  12. 29 Oct, 2020 2 commits
  13. 17 Aug, 2020 1 commit
  14. 11 Aug, 2020 1 commit
  15. 30 Jul, 2020 2 commits
  16. 29 Jul, 2020 3 commits
    • nl6720's avatar
      Makefile: do not install mkinitcpio hooks by default · b410d1c9
      nl6720 authored
      They are not required in the host system. See archlinux/archiso#34 .
    • nl6720's avatar
      archiso/initcpio/install/archiso: fix GnuPG home directory permissions · 0f2a3f1a
      nl6720 authored
      Gets rid of a gpg warning:
      gpg: WARNING: unsafe permissions on homedir '/tmp/mkinitcpio.*/root/gpg'
    • David Runge's avatar
      Add license and basic documentation · 3b00a94e
      David Runge authored
      Add GPL-3.0 license.
      Add SPDX license identifier.
      Add SPDX license identifier.
      Install the `run_archiso.sh` script as global executable `run_archiso`.
      Use -D and -t flags to install to install files more generically (without a previous call to install the directory).
      Add README outlining the project's scope, how to build images from the profiles and how to test.
      Add list of all direct contributors to the repository.
      Add basic contribution guidelines, explaining the linter and the license in use.
      Closes #7
      Closes #3
  17. 17 Jul, 2020 1 commit