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Add more questions about Packaging

See merge request archlinux/asknot-ng!19
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......@@ -45,8 +45,10 @@ tree:
- title: Packaging
subtitle: Join the Trusted Users
subtitle: Get involved with the packaging community
segue1: Great! Let's get some new software into Arch
segue2: How do you want to make our packages better?
children: includes/archlinux/packaging.yml
- title: Reproducible packages
subtitle: Make Arch Linux more secure with reproducible package builds
- title: Make new AUR packages
subtitle: Create, adopt and maintain unofficial packages in our community-driven repository
- title: Test packages
subtitle: Join the Arch Testing Team and test new packages
- title: Join the Trusted Users
subtitle: Join the Trusted Users and maintain the operation of the AUR packages
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