Commit 74b9b59c authored by Dan McGee's avatar Dan McGee Committed by Jason Chu
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Remove use of filelist from namcap

A filelist in a package is no longer required by pacman, so makepkg no
longer adds them either. Remove any checking of it from namcap.

Signed-off-by: default avatarDan McGee <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJason Chu <>
parent 709363a4
......@@ -50,9 +50,6 @@ def verify_package(filename):
if not '.PKGINFO' in tar.getnames():
return 0
if not '.FILELIST' in tar.getnames():
return 0
except IOError:
if tar:
......@@ -82,13 +82,6 @@ def load(package, root=None):
if rhs != '':
ret.__dict__.setdefault(lhs, []).append(rhs)
if not '.FILELIST' in pkgtar.getnames():
return None
filelist = pkgtar.extractfile('.FILELIST')
for i in filelist.readlines():
if not hasattr(ret, 'files'):
ret.files = []
return ret
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