Verified Commit 2d04c8ba authored by Jelle van der Waa's avatar Jelle van der Waa 🚧
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PKGBUILD.vim: allow SKIP in checksums

parent aca44f8e
......@@ -150,9 +150,12 @@ syn region pbSourceGroup start=/^source=(/ end=/)/ contains=pb_k_source,pbIlleg
syn match pbDerefEmulation /\$[{]\?[[:alnum:]_]*[}]\?/ contained
hi def link pbDerefEmulation PreProc
" SKIP sums
syn match pbSumsSKIP /\(SKIP\)/
" md5sums
syn keyword pb_k_md5sums md5sums contained
syn match pbIllegalMd5sums /[^='"()\/ ]/ contained contains=pbValidMd5sums
syn match pbIllegalMd5sums /[^='"()\/ ]/ contained contains=pbValidMd5sums,pbSumsSKIP
syn match pbValidMd5sums /\x\{32\}/ contained
syn region pbMd5sumsGroup start=/^md5sums/ end=/)/ contains=pb_k_md5sums,pbMd5Quotes,pbMd5Hash,pbIllegalMd5sums keepend
syn match pbMd5Quotes /'.*'\|".*"/ contained contains=pbMd5Hash,pbIllegalMd5sums
......@@ -163,7 +166,7 @@ hi def link pbValidMd5sums Number
" sha1sums
syn keyword pb_k_sha1sums sha1sums contained
syn match pbIllegalSha1sums /[^='"()\/ ]/ contained contains=pbValidSha1sums
syn match pbIllegalSha1sums /[^='"()\/ ]/ contained contains=pbValidSha1sums,pbSumsSKIP
syn match pbValidSha1sums /\x\{40\}/ contained
syn region pbSha1sumsGroup start=/^sha1sums/ end=/)/ contains=pb_k_sha1sums,pbSha1Quotes,pbSha1Hash,pbIllegalSha1sums keepend
syn match pbSha1Quotes /'.*'\|".*"/ contained contains=pbSha1Hash,pbIllegalSha1sums
......@@ -174,7 +177,7 @@ hi def link pbValidSha1sums Number
" sha224sums
syn keyword pb_k_sha224sums sha224sums contained
syn match pbIllegalsha224sums /[^='"()\/ ]/ contained contains=pbValidsha224sums
syn match pbIllegalsha224sums /[^='"()\/ ]/ contained contains=pbValidsha224sums,pbSumsSKIP
syn match pbValidsha224sums /\x\{64\}/ contained
syn region pbsha224sumsGroup start=/^sha224sums/ end=/)/ contains=pb_k_sha224sums,pbsha224Quotes,pbsha224Hash,pbIllegalsha224sums keepend
syn match pbsha224Quotes /'.*'\|".*"/ contained contains=pbsha224Hash,pbIllegalsha224sums
......@@ -185,7 +188,7 @@ hi def link pbValidsha224sums Number
" sha256sums
syn keyword pb_k_sha256sums sha256sums contained
syn match pbIllegalSha256sums /[^='"()\/ ]/ contained contains=pbValidSha256sums
syn match pbIllegalSha256sums /[^='"()\/ ]/ contained contains=pbValidSha256sums,pbSumsSKIP
syn match pbValidSha256sums /\x\{64\}/ contained
syn region pbSha256sumsGroup start=/^sha256sums/ end=/)/ contains=pb_k_sha256sums,pbSha256Quotes,pbSha256Hash,pbIllegalSha256sums keepend
syn match pbSha256Quotes /'.*'\|".*"/ contained contains=pbSha256Hash,pbIllegalSha256sums
......@@ -196,7 +199,7 @@ hi def link pbValidSha256sums Number
" sha384sums
syn keyword pb_k_sha384sums sha384sums contained
syn match pbIllegalSha384sums /[^='"()\/ ]/ contained contains=pbValidSha384sums
syn match pbIllegalSha384sums /[^='"()\/ ]/ contained contains=pbValidSha384sums,pbSumsSKIP
syn match pbValidSha384sums /\x\{96\}/ contained
syn region pbSha384sumsGroup start=/^sha384sums/ end=/)/ contains=pb_k_sha384sums,pbSha384Quotes,pbSha384Hash,pbIllegalSha384sums keepend
syn match pbSha384Quotes /'.*'\|".*"/ contained contains=pbSha384Hash,pbIllegalSha384sums
......@@ -207,7 +210,7 @@ hi def link pbValidSha384sums Number
" sha512sums
syn keyword pb_k_sha512sums sha512sums contained
syn match pbIllegalSha512sums /[^='"()\/ ]/ contained contains=pbValidSha512sums
syn match pbIllegalSha512sums /[^='"()\/ ]/ contained contains=pbValidSha512sums,pbSumsSKIP
syn match pbValidSha512sums /\x\{128\}/ contained
syn region pbSha512sumsGroup start=/^sha512sums/ end=/)/ contains=pb_k_sha512sums,pbSha512Quotes,pbSha512Hash,pbIllegalSha512sums keepend
syn match pbSha512Quotes /'.*'\|".*"/ contained contains=pbSha512Hash,pbIllegalSha512sums
......@@ -218,7 +221,7 @@ hi def link pbValidSha512sums Number
" b2sums
syn keyword pb_k_b2sums b2sums contained
syn match pbIllegalB2sums /[^='"()\/ ]/ contained contains=pbValidB2sums
syn match pbIllegalB2sums /[^='"()\/ ]/ contained contains=pbValidB2sums,pbSumsSKIP
syn match pbValidB2sums /\x\{128\}/ contained
syn region pbB2sumsGroup start=/^b2sums/ end=/)/ contains=pb_k_b2sums,pbB2Quotes,pbB2Hash,pbIllegalB2sums keepend
syn match pbB2Quotes /'.*'\|".*"/ contained contains=pbB2Hash,pbIllegalB2sums
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