Verified Commit 35b59923 authored by Daniel M. Capella's avatar Daniel M. Capella
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pacdiff: Fix regression in check for merge status

Signed-off-by: Daniel M. Capella's avatarDaniel M. Capella <>
parent 19ab4fac
......@@ -122,7 +122,8 @@ merge_file() {
merged="$($SUDO mktemp "$tempdir"/"$basename.merged.XXX")"
tar -xOf "$base_tar" "${file#/}" | $SUDO tee "$base" > /dev/null
if $SUDO $mergeprog "$file" "$base" "$pacfile" | $SUDO tee "$merged" > /dev/null; then
$SUDO $mergeprog "$file" "$base" "$pacfile" | $SUDO tee "$merged" > /dev/null
if [ "${PIPESTATUS[0]}" -ne "1" ]; then
msg2 "Merged without conflicts."
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