Commit 49e38049 authored by Daniel M. Capella's avatar Daniel M. Capella
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Merge branch 'isc-ofl-syntax' into 'master'

Vim: Add ISC and OFL as special licenses

Closes #4

See merge request pacman/pacman-contrib!11
parents 5b26fc84 36768099
......@@ -66,7 +66,7 @@ syn keyword pb_k_license license contained
" echo $(pacman -Ql licenses | grep '/usr/share/licenses/common/' | cut -d'/' -f6 | sort -u)
syn keyword pbLicense AGPL AGPL3 Apache APACHE Artistic2.0 Boost CCPL CDDL CPL EPL FDL FDL1.2 FDL1.3 GPL GPL2 GPL3 LGPL LGPL2.1 LGPL3 LPPL MPL MPL2 PerlArtistic PHP PSF RUBY Unlicense W3C ZPL contained
" special cases from
syn keyword pbLicenseSpecial BSD MIT ZLIB Python contained
syn keyword pbLicenseSpecial BSD ISC MIT OFL Python ZLIB contained
syn match pbLicenseCustom /custom\(:[[:alnum:]]*\)*/ contained
syn keyword pbLicenseUnknown unknown contained
syn match pbIllegalLicense /[^='"() ]/ contained contains=pbLicenseUnknown,pbLicenseCustom,pbLicenseSpecial,pbLicense
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