Verified Commit 4eaed7a3 authored by Daniel M. Capella's avatar Daniel M. Capella
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paccache: Use more accurate --min-a/mtime description

.. taken from the --help message.

Thanks to Patrick Smits (@ps0) for reporting this. Fixes #5

Signed-off-by: Daniel M. Capella's avatarDaniel M. Capella <>
parent 7515df8f
......@@ -38,10 +38,12 @@ Options
Scan for packages for a specific architecture. Default is to scan for
all architectures.
*\--min-atime <age>*::
*\--min-mtime <age>*::
Only consider packages for removal with atime respectively mtime older than
specified. The age can be given as '10d', '1m', '1y', '1y1m' etc.
*\--min-atime <time>*::
*\--min-mtime <time>*::
Keep packages with an atime/mtime that is not older than the time given,
even if this means keeping more than specified through the '--keep' option.
Accepts arguments according to 'info "Date input formats"', e.g. '30 days
*-c, \--cachedir <dir>*::
Specify a different cache directory. This option can be used more than once.
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