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update NEWS for 5.2.2

Signed-off-by: Andrew Gregory's avatarAndrew Gregory <>
parent b2c97ad7
5.2.2 - fix pacman test suite under python 3.8
- only prompt to import new keys once in a transaction
- fix handling of fully downloaded .part files
- increase maximum database size (FS#65197)
- fix segfault in alpm_option_set_assumeinstalled
- change config parsing warnings to errors to match actual
- fix key extraction for signatures with two-octet sub-packet
- fix documentation typos (FS#67000)
- change master signing key to RSA4096
- improve error message when building without autoconf-archive
- pacman-conf:
- allow querying ILoveCandy individually
- fix querying NoExtract individually
- makepkg:
- fix seccmp-related error while stripping binaries (FS#65100)
- fix extraction of file:// sources (FS#64648)
- allow $pkgname in install and changelog file names (FS#64932)
- sort libprovides for reproducibility
- strip: don't re-add the same debug source multiple times
- error on empty refspecs in git sources
- correctly handle missing download clients
- fix splitting multi-line error messages across stdout and
- handle GPGKEY with spaces (FS#66949)
- do not accept public-only keys for signing
- repo-add:
- handle GPGKEY with spaces (FS#66949)
- do not accept public-only keys for signing
5.2.1 - fix segfault on importing PGP keys for -U operations
- fix distribution of meson files
- fix inode command for darwin/bsd
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