Commit 241c29f0 authored by Morten Linderud's avatar Morten Linderud 🏄 Committed by Allan McRae
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makepkg: Implement pkgtype in .PKGINFO

This implements pkgtype into .PKGINFO. This is useful to ensure tools
parsing packages do not miss important context on the creation of the

For instance discovering if a given .pkg.tar is a debug package, one
would have to do heuristics on the pkgdesc and "${pkgbase}-debug".
However both of these values are controlled by the packager.

Similarly, the heuristic for discovering split packages is if pkgbase
and pkgname differ, which can happen in any package as both values are
packager controlled.

This should ensure we don't need to rely on heuristics and instead
include the context of how the package was created.

Signed-off-by: Morten Linderud's avatarMorten Linderud <>
Signed-off-by: Allan McRae's avatarAllan McRae <>
parent ae2f506d
Pipeline #14421 passed with stage
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......@@ -244,6 +244,8 @@ static int parse_descfile(alpm_handle_t *handle, struct archive *a, alpm_pkg_t *
CALLOC(backup, 1, sizeof(alpm_backup_t), return -1);
STRDUP(backup->name, ptr, FREE(backup); return -1);
newpkg->backup = alpm_list_add(newpkg->backup, backup);
} else if(strcmp(key, "pkgtype") == 0) {
/* not used atm */
} else {
_alpm_log(handle, ALPM_LOG_DEBUG, "%s: unknown key '%s' in description file line %d\n",
newpkg->name ? newpkg->name : "error", key, linenum);
......@@ -487,6 +487,7 @@ write_pkginfo() {
write_kv_pair "pkgname" "$pkgname"
write_kv_pair "pkgbase" "$pkgbase"
write_kv_pair "pkgtype" "$pkgtype"
local fullver=$(get_full_version)
write_kv_pair "pkgver" "$fullver"
......@@ -564,6 +565,8 @@ list_package_files() {
create_package() {
(( NOARCHIVE )) && return 0
if [[ ! -d $pkgdir ]]; then
error "$(gettext "Missing %s directory.")" "\$pkgdir/"
plainerr "$(gettext "Aborting...")"
......@@ -648,6 +651,7 @@ create_debug_package() {
pkgdesc="Detached debugging symbols for $pkgbase"
......@@ -658,6 +662,8 @@ create_srcpackage() {
local srclinks="$(mktemp -d "$startdir"/srclinks.XXXXXXXXX)"
mkdir "${srclinks}"/${pkgbase}
msg2 "$(gettext "Adding %s...")" "$BUILDSCRIPT"
ln -s "${BUILDFILE}" "${srclinks}/${pkgbase}/${BUILDSCRIPT}"
......@@ -833,6 +839,9 @@ run_single_packaging() {
run_split_packaging() {
local pkgname_backup=("${pkgname[@]}")
# We might run this function when we only have package_pkgname
# and we don't want that marked as a split package
(( ${#pkgname[@]} > 1 )) && pkgtype=split
for pkgname in ${pkgname_backup[@]}; do
run_single_packaging $pkgname
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