Commit 2ec6de96 authored by Morgan Adamiec's avatar Morgan Adamiec Committed by Allan McRae
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only use effective url for urls containing .db or .pkg

Github and other sites redirect their downloads to a cdn. So the
download may redirect to something like

This then causes pacman to try and download the sig as which is incorrect. In this case
pacman should append .sig to the original url.

However urls like
Redirect to the mirror, so .sig has to appended after the redirects and
not before.

So we decide if we should append .sig on the original or effective url
based on if the effective url (minus the query part) has .db or .pkg in it.

Fixes FS#71148


v2: move variable decleration to start of block
v3: use dbext instead of db
parent c0026caa
......@@ -613,12 +613,33 @@ static int curl_check_finished_download(CURLM *curlm, CURLMsg *msg,
/* Let's check if client requested downloading accompanion *.sig file */
if(!payload->signature && payload->download_signature && curlerr == CURLE_OK && payload->respcode < 400) {
struct dload_payload *sig = NULL;
char *url = payload->fileurl;
char *_effective_filename;
const char *effective_filename;
char *query;
const char *dbext = alpm_option_get_dbext(handle);
const char* realname = payload->destfile_name ? payload->destfile_name : payload->tempfile_name;
int len = strlen(effective_url) + 5;
int len;
STRDUP(_effective_filename, effective_url, GOTO_ERR(handle, ALPM_ERR_MEMORY, cleanup));
effective_filename = get_filename(_effective_filename);
query = strrchr(effective_filename, '?');
if(query) {
query[0] = '\0';
/* Only use the effective url for sig downloads if the effective_url contains .dbext or .pkg */
if(strstr(effective_filename, dbext) || strstr(effective_filename, ".pkg")) {
url = effective_url;
len = strlen(url) + 5;
CALLOC(sig, 1, sizeof(*sig), GOTO_ERR(handle, ALPM_ERR_MEMORY, cleanup));
MALLOC(sig->fileurl, len, FREE(sig); GOTO_ERR(handle, ALPM_ERR_MEMORY, cleanup));
snprintf(sig->fileurl, len, "%s.sig", effective_url);
snprintf(sig->fileurl, len, "%s.sig", url);
if(payload->trust_remote_name) {
/* In this case server might provide a new name for the main payload.
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