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Update broken links pointing to

All of these links are broken since the recent move to

A few projects are, apparently, only available on GitHub, so I've linked
to that source (hopefully that's only temporary).

For git-clone URLs, I've opted for the https URLs since those can be
used by anyone -- whereas the ssh URLs require the user to be registered
on the gitlab instance which is not open to the public yet.

Signed-off-by: default avatarHugo Osvaldo Barrera <>
Signed-off-by: Allan McRae's avatarAllan McRae <>
parent efb714b3
......@@ -59,11 +59,11 @@ configuration files dealing with pacman.
For a good idea of what is going on in pacman development, take a look at the
link:[Git summary page] for the
link:[Git summary page] for the
See the most recent
file for a not-as-frequently-updated list of changes. However, this should
contain the biggest changes in a format more concise than the commit log.
......@@ -220,12 +220,11 @@ these trees).
The current development tree can be fetched with the following command:
git clone git:// pacman
git clone
which will fetch the full development history into a directory named pacman.
You can browse the source as well using
link:[cgit]. HTTP/HTTPS URLs are also
available for cloning purposes; these URLs are listed at the above page.
If you are interested in hacking on pacman, it is highly recommended you join
the mailing list mentioned above, as well as take a quick glance at our
......@@ -243,7 +242,7 @@ Although the package manager itself is quite simple, many scripts have been
developed that help automate building and installing packages. These are used
extensively in link:[Arch Linux]. Most of these utilities
are available in the Arch Linux projects
link:[code browser].
link:[code browser].
Utilities available:
......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ started with GIT if you have not worked with it before.
The pacman code can be fetched using the following command:
git clone git://
git clone
Creating your patch
......@@ -78,7 +78,7 @@ Incremental Updates
If you have more advanced needs you will have to get a copy of the pacman
git clone git:// pacman
git clone
Next, you will need to run `./` and `./configure` in the base
directory to generate the correct Makefiles. At this point, all necessary
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