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README: Document sync-ssh-hostkeys playbook

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......@@ -20,6 +20,10 @@ After the provisioning script has run, it is safe to reboot.
Once in the new system, run the regular playbook: `HCLOUD_TOKEN=$(misc/ misc/vault_hetzner.yml hetzner_cloud_api_key) ansible-playbook playbooks/$hostname.yml`.
This playbook is the one regularity used for administrating the server and is entirely idempotent.
When adding a new machine you should also deploy our SSH known_hosts file and update the SSH hostkeys file in this git repo.
For this you can simply run the `playbooks/tasks/sync-ssh-hostkeys.yml` playbook and commit the changes it makes to this git repository.
It will also deploy any new SSH host keys to all our machines.
#### Note about Ansible dynamic inventories
We use a dynamic inventory script in order to automatically get information for
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