Commit ea217832 authored by Christian Rebischke's avatar Christian Rebischke Committed by Phillip Smith (fukawi2)
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renamed packer-io to packer

Signed-off-by: default avatarChristian Rebischke <>
parent 24860997
- name: install arch-boxes dependencies
pacman: name=packer-io,virtualbox,qemu-headless,virtualbox-host-modules-arch state=present
pacman: name=packer,virtualbox,qemu-headless,virtualbox-host-modules-arch state=present
- name: create arch-boxes user
user: name={{ archboxes_user }} shell=/bin/bash home="{{ archboxes_home }}" createhome=yes
......@@ -3,6 +3,6 @@ Description=arch-boxes service for deploying images and vagrant boxes
ExecStart=/usr/bin/packer-io build -parallel=false -var 'headless=true' -var 'write_zeroes=yes' -except=vmware-iso vagrant.json
ExecStart=/usr/bin/packer build -parallel=false -var 'headless=true' -var 'write_zeroes=yes' -except=vmware-iso vagrant.json
User={{ archboxes_user }}
WorkingDirectory={{ archboxes_git_dir }}
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