Commit 5cb23e4c authored by Eli Schwartz's avatar Eli Schwartz Committed by Christian Hesse
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update-keys: don't restore cwd in a subprocess

Using popd at the very end of a shell script is unnecessary, because, as
the very last command, there is nothing to restore state for.
Immediately after, the shell subprocess is ended, and processes don't
control the cwd of the parent process. Changing the cwd for the last
microsecond of the shell process, during which no commands are run, is
a mildly expensive no-op.

By the same measure, if popd is never used, pushd is not needed to
record the old cwd. So simply use 'cd'.

Signed-off-by: Christian Hesse's avatarChristian Hesse <>
parent c4264b67
......@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ armor
pushd "$(dirname "$0")" >/dev/null
cd "$(dirname "$0")"
"${GPG[@]}" --gen-key <<EOF
%echo Generating Arch Linux keyring temporary master key...
......@@ -91,5 +91,3 @@ while read -ra data; do
done < packager-revoked-keyids
cat master/*.asc master-revoked/*.asc packager/*.asc packager-revoked/*.asc > archlinux.gpg
popd >/dev/null
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