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Merge pull request #64 from archlinux/use-own-mirror

Use our own mirror instead
parents a3d11e37 c732a679
"variables": {
"iso_url": "https://mirror.rackspace.com/archlinux/iso/latest/archlinux-2018.10.01-x86_64.iso",
"iso_checksum_url": "https://mirror.rackspace.com/archlinux/iso/latest/sha1sums.txt",
"iso_url": "https://mirror.pkgbuild.com/iso/latest/archlinux-2019.10.01-x86_64.iso",
"iso_checksum_url": "https://mirror.pkgbuild.com/iso/latest/sha1sums.txt",
"iso_checksum_type": "sha1",
"disk_size": "20480",
"memory": "1024",
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