1. 31 May, 2020 2 commits
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      Removing dist target · 5fbbb05a
      David Runge authored
      Removing the dist target. It requires to increment a number on each
      This workflow can be entirely circumvented by signed commit tags and
      using those for packaging.
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      Replacing dhcpcd with systemd-networkd and systemd-resolved · 0d678706
      David Runge authored
      Removing the udev rule for starting dhcpcd@.service on interfaces of the
      form eth* and en*.
      Adding default DHCP configurations for en*, eth*, wlp* and wlan*
      Adding a symlink from /run/systemd/resolve/stub-resolv.conf to
      /etc/resolv.conf (in airootfs).
      Adding systemd-networkd and systemd-resolved to the list of services
      that are being enabled during airootfs customization.
  2. 30 May, 2020 6 commits
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      Unsetting the root password · 769fbece
      David Runge authored
      Due to changes in the filesystem package [1] the current /etc/passwd
      does not allow login without an empty root password anymore.
      This becomes apparent, when switching to another TTY than the one
      autologin is activated for.
      By running passwd -d root we unset the password.
      In the future this should go to a custom /etc/passwd file.
      [1] https://git.archlinux.org/svntogit/packages.git/commit/trunk?h=packages/filesystem&id=0320c909f3867d47576083e853543bab1705185b
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      Fixing default bootloader menu selection. · 79a9ed11
      David Runge authored
      The 'default' bootloader selection of systemd-boot is based on a glob
      pattern. The previous pattern was not sufficient to select anything,
      which is why it is now made explicit (pointing to archiso-x86_64.conf).
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      Simplifying regex for script download · d50e57a2
      David Runge authored
      Using only one regex to match http://, https:// or ftp:// endpoints.
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      Using edk2-shell for UEFI shell · 2ce375cd
      David Runge authored
      Instead of downloading UDK2018 based edk2 UEFI shell, use the Shell
      binaries from the edk2-shell package.
      This effectively makes the use of EFI shell v1 obsolete.
      Renaming UEFI shell entries to match the packaged edk2-shell based UEFI
      shell binaries.
      Renaming the systemd-boot bootloader entries for UEFI shell (normal and
      full version) to reflect their file names, which are derived from the
      binary names in the edk2-shell package.
      Copying the edk2-shell based UEFI shell binaries for normal efiboot and
      .iso based "el-torito" efiboot mode.
      Adding edk2-shell to the requirements in the documentation, as the
      package is now used to provide UEFI shell.
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      Renaming refind-efi to refind · ec5f5378
      David Runge authored
      As the refind-efi package has been renamed to refind, the package
      required for the releng image needs to be renamed as well.
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      Revert "Renaming refind package" · 60161013
      David Runge authored
      This reverts commit c1661240.
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