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Add contributing guideline about merge requests

Elaborate on when merge requests are merged using `--no-ff` or `--ff`.
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......@@ -27,6 +27,20 @@ explaining it.
The changelog entry needs to be added to the unreleased section at the top, as that section is used for the next
Merge requests and signed commits
Merge requests are not required to contain signed commits (using ``git commit -S`` - see `man 1 git-commit
The project maintainers may rebase a given merge request branch at their discretion (if possible), which may remove
signed commits.
The tip of the project's default branch is required to be a signed commit by the project maintainers.
For external contributors this means, that their merge request will be merged using ``--no-ff`` (see `man 1 git-merge
<>`_) in a signed merge commit, while contributions by the project maintainers
may be merged using ``--ff`` when the top-most commit of the source branch is signed by a valid PGP key of the given
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