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Add changelog for v54

Add changelog entry for v54.
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[54] - 2021-05-13
- Add the concept of buildmodes to mkarchiso, which allows for building more than the default .iso artifact
- Add support to mkarchiso and both baseline and releng profiles for building a bootstrap image (a compressed
bootstrapped Arch Linux environment), by using the new buildmode `bootstrap`
- Add support to mkarchiso and both baseline and releng profiles for building artifacts required for netboot with iPXE
(optionally allowing codesigning on the artifacts), by using the new buildmode `netboot`
- Add qemu-guest-agent and virtualbox-guest-utils-nox to the releng profile and enable their services by default to
allow interaction between hypervisor and virtual machine if the installation medium is booted in a virtualized
- Always use the .sig file extension when signing the rootfs image, as that is how mkinitcpio-archiso expects it
- Fix for CI and run_archiso scripts to be compatible with QEMU >= 6.0
- Increase robustness of CI by granting more time to reach the first prompt
- Change CI to build all available buildmodes of the baseline and releng profiles (baseline's netboot is currently
excluded due to a bug)
- Install all implicitly installed packages explicitly for the releng profile
- Install keyrings more generically when using pacman-init.service
- Consolidate CI scripts so that they may be shared between the archiso, arch-boxes and releng project in the future and
expose their configuration with the help of environment variables
[53] - 2021-05-01
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