Commit 7d26b1ea authored by Pierre Schmitz's avatar Pierre Schmitz
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Add the arch user to some useful groups

Only use groups that wont allow damaging the host system by accident.
Signed-off-by: Pierre Schmitz's avatarPierre Schmitz <>
parent d355c2b8
......@@ -191,7 +191,7 @@ make_customize_root_image() {
-r 'usermod -s /bin/zsh root' \
mkarchiso ${verbose} -w "${work_dir}" -C "${pacman_conf}" -D "${install_dir}" \
-r 'useradd -m -p "" -g users -G "audio,disk,optical,wheel" -s /bin/zsh arch' \
-r 'useradd -m -p "" -g users -G "adm,audio,floppy,log,network,rfkill,scanner,storage,optical,power,wheel" -s /bin/zsh arch' \
mkarchiso ${verbose} -w "${work_dir}" -C "${pacman_conf}" -D "${install_dir}" \
-r 'systemctl -f enable pacman-init.service getty@.service dhcpcd.service || true' \
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