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mkarchiso: silence xorriso's note about SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH

The `xorriso -as mkisofs` option `-quiet` is interpreted too late. Use native xorriso option `-report_about SORRY` instead and ensure it is the first option.

Related to #148.
parent d2addb25
......@@ -995,12 +995,17 @@ _build_bootstrap_image() {
# Build ISO
_build_iso_image() {
local xorrisofs_options=()
local xorriso_options=() xorrisofs_options=()
local bootmode
[[ -d "${out_dir}" ]] || install -d -- "${out_dir}"
[[ "${quiet}" == "y" ]] && xorrisofs_options+=('-quiet')
if [[ "${quiet}" == "y" ]]; then
# The when xorriso is run in mkisofs compatibility mode (xorrisofs), the mkisofs option -quiet is interpreted
# too late (e.g. messages about SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH still get shown).
# Instead use native xorriso option to silence the output.
xorriso_options=('-report_about' 'SORRY' "${xorriso_options[@]}")
# Add required xorrisofs options for each boot mode
for bootmode in "${bootmodes[@]}"; do
......@@ -1009,7 +1014,7 @@ _build_iso_image() {
rm -f -- "${out_dir}/${image_name}"
_msg_info "Creating ISO image..."
xorriso -as mkisofs \
xorriso "${xorriso_options[@]}" -as mkisofs \
-iso-level 3 \
-full-iso9660-filenames \
-joliet \
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