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Ensure that _make_boot_uefi-x64.systemd-boot.esp can be re-run if it fails

Remove efiboot.img if it exists so that mkfs.fat does not fail.
parent f45fc29f
......@@ -561,6 +561,7 @@ _make_boot_uefi-x64.systemd-boot.esp() {
# The FAT image must be created with mkfs.fat not mformat, as some systems have issues with mformat made images:
[[ -e "${isofs_dir}/EFI/archiso/efiboot.img" ]] && rm -f -- "${isofs_dir}/EFI/archiso/efiboot.img"
_msg_info "Creating FAT image of size: ${efiboot_imgsize} KiB..."
mkfs.fat -C -n ARCHISO_EFI "${isofs_dir}/EFI/archiso/efiboot.img" "$efiboot_imgsize"
......@@ -584,7 +585,7 @@ _make_boot_uefi-x64.systemd-boot.esp() {
# Copy kernel and initramfs
_run_once _make_boot_on_fat
_msg_info "Done! systemd-boot set up for UEFI booting successfully."
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