Verified Commit d2315bc9 authored by nl6720's avatar nl6720
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mkarchiso: error out of iso and netboot build modes if no boot modes are specified

parent f3959d6e
......@@ -804,6 +804,10 @@ _validate_common_requirements_buildmode_iso_netboot() {
# Check if the specified bootmodes are supported
if (( ${#bootmodes[@]} < 1 )); then
(( validation_error=validation_error+1 ))
_msg_error "No boot modes specified in '${profile}/'." 0
for bootmode in "${bootmodes[@]}"; do
if typeset -f "_make_bootmode_${bootmode}" &> /dev/null; then
if typeset -f "_validate_requirements_bootmode_${bootmode}" &> /dev/null; then
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