1. 11 Jul, 2020 1 commit
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      Keep /root permissions as 750 · d39e2ba4
      nl6720 authored
      The filesystem package installs /root as 750 not 700.
      Move chmod from customize_airootfs.sh to build.sh.
  2. 30 Jun, 2020 2 commits
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      Fixing issues with variable quoting and arrays · 5e43a63b
      David Runge authored
      Calls to _pacman() need to be done with multiple parameters (e.g. array) instead of one string, as string splitting is
      not done in that function anymore.
      Turning _iso_efi_boot_args from string into an array to have an easier time of passing it to xorriso.
      Calling xorriso within the if statements instead of providing -quiet via variable.
      Fixing command_install() to provide packages separately to _pacman()
      Replacing all newlines when retrieving the packages from packages.x86_64 with spaces so they will be properly provided
      to "mkarchiso install".
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      Do not download a mirrorlist durring build · 3cf8e738
      nl6720 authored
      Pacman's mirrolist will be updated by reflector.service in the live system.
  3. 29 Jun, 2020 1 commit
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      Introducing shellcheck in gitlab CI · 47533fd9
      David Runge authored
      Quoting all variables.
      Changing pkg_list to be an array instead of a string for easier
      handling. Using read to properly populate pkg_list from OPTARG with
      stripped whitespaces.
      Not exporting iso_label anymore as there seems to be no reason to do so.
      Introducing line breaks.
      Setting max_line_length to 120.
      Adding a section for YAML files (e.g. .gitlab-ci.yml).
      Quting nearly all variables.
      Introducing line breaks.
      Quoting all variables.
      Introducing line breaks.
      Adding gitlab CI for shelleck linting of the config build scripts, mkarchiso and startup scripts in releng.
      Closes #19
  4. 23 Jun, 2020 3 commits
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      Fixing ownership in airootfs customization · 839f7433
      David Runge authored
      Fixing wrong ownership of files when copying overlay modifications from
      the config's airootfs directory to the working directory in
      make_customize_airootfs() by using the cp flag
      Thanks to Marcos Mello and Francois Dupoux of sysresccd
      (https://gitlab.com/fdupoux/sysresccd-src) for making this fix
      Closes #11
    • David Runge's avatar
      Removing custom UEFI shell boot loader configs · 2d4b9f3e
      David Runge authored
      Copying the edk2-shell based Shell_Full.efi to the root of the iso/ efi
      image as 'shellx64.efi' is automatically picked up by certain hardware
      and by systemd-boot.
      This makes all custom UEFI shell configuration obsolete.
      Removing obsolete custom UEFI shell boot loader configuration.
      Closes #14
    • David Runge's avatar
      Removing efitools · 68df5746
      David Runge authored
      Removing the efitools based PreLoader.efi and HashTool.efi, as they are
      dead weight due to not allowing secure boot (FS#59487).
      Future secure boot functionality (most probably based on shim) is being
      discussed in FS#53864.
      Closes #17
  5. 30 May, 2020 1 commit
    • David Runge's avatar
      Using edk2-shell for UEFI shell · 2ce375cd
      David Runge authored
      Instead of downloading UDK2018 based edk2 UEFI shell, use the Shell
      binaries from the edk2-shell package.
      This effectively makes the use of EFI shell v1 obsolete.
      Renaming UEFI shell entries to match the packaged edk2-shell based UEFI
      shell binaries.
      Renaming the systemd-boot bootloader entries for UEFI shell (normal and
      full version) to reflect their file names, which are derived from the
      binary names in the edk2-shell package.
      Copying the edk2-shell based UEFI shell binaries for normal efiboot and
      .iso based "el-torito" efiboot mode.
      Adding edk2-shell to the requirements in the documentation, as the
      package is now used to provide UEFI shell.
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  22. 28 Feb, 2016 1 commit
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      Optionally sign the squashfs files with gpg and add the gpg key to the initramfs · e36e63b8
      Thomas Bächler authored
      A new option -g <keyid> is added to build.sh set the key id. If it is set, the squashfs files will be signed
      by gpg and the gpg key will be added to archiso.img. In order to use this option, a gpg agent must be running.
      Since build.sh is executed as root, it may be necessary to set the GNUPGHOME environment variable, for
      $ su -c "GNUPGHOME=/home/youruser/.gnupg /path/to/build.sh -g yourkeyid"
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