Commit f671115b authored by Francois Dupoux's avatar Francois Dupoux
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Reset network interfaces at the end of the PXE boot to allow DHCP to run

parent 45107657
......@@ -67,10 +67,11 @@ run_latehook () {
# shellcheck disable=SC2154
# defined via initcpio's parse_cmdline()
if [ "${copytoram}" = "y" ]; then
if [ -n "${bootif_dev}" ]; then
ip addr flush dev "${bootif_dev}"
ip link set "${bootif_dev}" down
for curif in /sys/class/net/*; do
ip addr flush dev "${netdev}"
ip link set "${netdev}" down
elif [ "${copy_resolvconf}" != "n" ] && [ -f /etc/resolv.conf ]; then
cp /etc/resolv.conf /new_root/etc/resolv.conf
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