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Add changelog entry for v52

Add changelog entry for v52
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[52] - 2021-04-01
- Add usbmuxd support
- Add EROFS support (as an experimental alternative to squashfs)
- Add creation of zsync control file for delta downloads
- Add sof-firmware for additional soundcard support
- Add support for recursively setting file permissions on folders using
- Add support for mobile broadband devices with the help of modemmanager
- Add information on PGP signatures of tags
- Add archinstall support
- Remove haveged
- Fix various things in relation to gitlab CI
- Change systemd-networkd files to more generically setup networkds for devices
- Fix the behavior of the `script=` kernel commandline parameter to follow redirects
- Change the amount of mirrors checked by reflector to 20 to speed up availability of the mirrorlist
[51] - 2021-02-01
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