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configs/releng/syslinux/archiso_pxe-linux.cfg: add missing /boot to initrd file path

Fixes .
parent c10004df
......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ It allows you to install Arch Linux or perform system maintenance.
MENU LABEL Arch Linux install medium (x86_64, NFS)
LINUX /%INSTALL_DIR%/boot/x86_64/vmlinuz-linux
INITRD /%INSTALL_DIR%/boot/intel-ucode.img,/%INSTALL_DIR%/amd-ucode.img,/%INSTALL_DIR%/boot/x86_64/initramfs-linux.img
INITRD /%INSTALL_DIR%/boot/intel-ucode.img,/%INSTALL_DIR%/boot/amd-ucode.img,/%INSTALL_DIR%/boot/x86_64/initramfs-linux.img
APPEND archisobasedir=%INSTALL_DIR% archiso_nfs_srv=${pxeserver}:/run/archiso/bootmnt checksum verify
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