Verified Commit 2a91ea22 authored by Jelle van der Waa's avatar Jelle van der Waa 🚧
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Update alpm_db_search as it now does error handling

alpm_db_search now returns an int and set's pm_errno when the result is
-1 add a todo as this needs to be handled later
parent 9a0eb09f
......@@ -213,11 +213,15 @@ static PyObject *pyalpm_db_update(PyObject *rawself, PyObject *args, PyObject *k
static PyObject* pyalpm_db_search(PyObject *rawself, PyObject *args) {
AlpmDB* self = (AlpmDB *)rawself;
alpm_list_t* rawargs;
alpm_list_t* result;
alpm_list_t* result = NULL;
int ok = pylist_string_to_alpmlist(args, &rawargs);
if (ok == -1) return NULL;
result = alpm_db_search(self->c_data, rawargs);
ok = alpm_db_search(self->c_data, rawargs, &result);
// TODO: handle pm_errno being set and throw an exception
if (ok == -1) return NULL;
return alpmlist_to_pylist2(result, pyalpm_package_from_pmpkg, self);
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