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Architectures is as of pacman 6 a list

Architectures are now a list and pyalpm's pycman was not able to handle
this. For backwards compatibility convert a string to a list.
parent 6af848a3
......@@ -218,9 +218,11 @@ class PacmanConfig(object):
# File paths
h.logfile = self.options["LogFile"]
h.gpgdir = self.options["GPGDir"]
# Strings
h.arch = self.options["Architecture"]
# Lists
arch = self.options["Architecture"]
if isinstance(arch, str):
arch = [arch]
h.arch = arch
h.cachedirs = self.options["CacheDir"]
if "NoUpgrade" in self.options:
h.noupgrades = self.options["NoUpgrade"]
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